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~ A library for all your code, great and small. ~


⇢ the whole shebang

name purpose url version license
withfeathers Add a little Emily Dickinson to your day. https://withfeathers.liambeckman.com/ 0.1.0
devilish The shell from hell! https://liambeckman.com/code/devilish/ 0.1.0
matriz Multiply, add, transpose, and average matrices like it's going out of style! https://liambeckman.com/code/matrix/ 0.1.0
prime Output the first million primes! https://liambeckman.com/code/prime/ 0.1.0
palindrome Determine whether your string is a palindrome! https://liambeckman.com/code/palindrome/ 0.1.0
biblioteca ~ A library for all your code, great and small. ~ https://biblioteca.liambeckman.com/ 0.1.0
RemoveMyWaste An application for household hazardous waste removal. https://removemywaste.liambeckman.com/ 0.1.0
demo A terminal emulator emulator that allows users to try out programs. https://liambeckman.com/code/demo/ 0.1.0
demonic Like demo, but more demonic! https://liambeckman.com/code/demonic/ 0.1.0
wyeast A multithreaded adventure game! https://liambeckman.com/code/wyeast/ 0.1.0
zigzag A homegrown TCP chat system built with love. https://liambeckman.com/code/zigzag/ 0.1.0