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~ A library for all your code, great and small. ~

/program ⇢ browse our sampling of programs and add your own!.

/author ⇢ see the authors or add a new one to the mix.

/language ⇢ checkout the languages used or add a new language.

/os ⇢ browse operating systems.

/src ⇢ browse download sources.

/program-author ⇢ connect authors to a program.

/program-language ⇢ connect languages to a program.

/program-os ⇢ connect operating systems to a program.

/er ⇢ the entity-relationship diagram for this database.

/schema ⇢ the schema for this database.

/docs ⇢ the docs for this database.

/sql ⇢ sql file to create this database.